Halloween events around the MMORPG world, 2023 edition


Can we all just agree that Halloween on a Tuesday is weird? Like, why can’t it be Friday or Saturday for some bangin’ weekend parties? Who wants to go to work the next day after eating half a bag of her kids’ candy? Well, if you have proper life priorities (and the willpower to resist all that candy), you can still get your fill of Halloween festivities for the next week or so thanks to MMORPGs, which are more than happy to fill in the gaps with virtual events – this really is the biggest mass-event period of the whole years for virtual worlds. And you don’t even need to wake up early for work with a candy hangover on a Wednesday – bonus! Here’s our roundup of all the events ongoing right now:

We’ve got a few more that didn’t quite make it into our formal post roundup:

  • MechWarrior Online is running a Trick or Treat lootbag event.
  • Super Animal Royale, which MJ and Chris can’t stop toying with, has a big Halloween event running with a new mode through November 10th.
  • The original SWG Emu’s Finalizer server invites players to the Something Wicket This Way Comes event, with the finale running on Halloween itself.
  • AdventureQuest 3D has brought Mogloween back for another season.
  • Paragon The Overprime is granting game currency for matches through Halloween.
  • Fiesta Online has been beset by a malevolent threat in its Maze of Madness event.

And let us not forget the streams (and podcast) where we focused on Halloween stuff this year:

Spot any more we missed – ideally the type that aren’t just costume or pumpkin photography contests? Drop ’em in the comments!

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