World of Warcraft brings Hallow’s End to Azeroth once again

Not precisely spoopy.

You are probably not scared of the dark in World of Warcraft and you definitely aren’t scared of dragons, because Dragonflight is downright lousy with them. It’s dragon o’clock over there. But with Hallow’s End returning today, it’s also pumpkin o’clock even on the Dragon Isles, with new trick-or-treating buckets available throughout the region and a new seasonal Halloween decoration for your riding drake. Now you can get your pumpkin fun while flying a dragon around.

Of course, this is all on top of the recurring elements of the festivities such as many trick-or-treating buckets available throughout the game, vendors with multiple items to purchase, and the traditional Headless Horseman fight. There are also good old-fashioned witch hats to be obtained out in Val’sharah, if you’re missing Legion. So it’s plenty of spooky festivities for the year, but just remember that the event only lasts until November 1st. Get your spooks in now while they last.

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