APB Reloaded’s Halloween event returns – but for PC only


A warning has been issued to all APB Reloaded units notifying them of a dangerous Headless Horseman in the vicinity. This is due to the return of the crime MMO’s Halloween event, which kicks off on October 25th and continues through November 8th.

“All San Paro residents are invited to use their street war knowledge against the ghastly calamity in known and loved seasonal challenges! Choose Headless Horseman or Pumpkin Pickin’ events, or do both for a chance to bank a sweet amount of Joker Tickets and one or more unique seasonal titles,” Little Orbit said.

Unfortunately, this event is only taking place on the PC servers, as the studio said that an issue with the console servers hasn’t been resolved yet.

It’s been five years since Little Orbit acquired APB Reloaded, going on to develop and operate the Grand Theft Auto-like title in the time since.

Source: APB Reloaded
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