Guild Wars 2’s latest roadmap plots events, balance, and betas well into 2024

does this look lewd to anyone else

As we noted this morning, ArenaNet has announced Guild Wars 2’s next Secrets of the Obscure chapter, Through the Veil, but as it happens the team isn’t just stopping there: It’s also released an updated roadmap for the rest of the fall and winter well into the next two updates after this upcoming one.

“Eagle-eyed observers will notice that the only real change from last time is that we moved up some items,” the studio says. “We previously thought we’d need to add a few additional maps to the Rift Hunting rotation with each of the releases, but we were able to include six new maps to the rotation with the September 26 build. An additional six will be implemented with Through the Veil, completing the Rift Hunting map rotation.” The short-term calendar includes intermediate updates as well as the mad rush of seasonal events that run from Halloween to Lunar New Year.

The blog post further elaborates on the convergence system, which essentially bids players to engage in public or group timed events to “open up a portal into the home realm of the Kryptis” where there are no waypoints and where “it’ll take coordination between players to keep yourselves and your allies alive long enough to complete your objective and take out the legendary Kryptis lurking in each Convergence.” Of course, the team also reiterates the weapon skill proliferation beta on November 28th, which will apparently be accompanied by a skill and balance update on the same day.

Finally, ArenaNet touches on guild hall updates and another WvW world restructuring beta for early 2024.

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