World of Tanks gets into the spooky spirit with the Halloween-themed Mirny Lost Hope event


You would think that rumbling into a spooky location in a fully loaded tank would make you feel safer, but that is likely not the case for World of Tanks and its Halloween-themed Mirny: Lost Hope event, which once more brings players back into the abandoned research location of Mirny-13 for armor-based frights and tanky treats.

From now until November 1st, up to five players can re-enter the corrupted town of Mirny-13 to face four phases of combat in normal, hard, or nightmare difficulties. The objective is deceptively simple: bring back Mirium and deliver it to the special device called Magnus in order to power it up and teleport the team to the next phase, all while surviving new enemy types and taking down one of three new bosses – one for each difficulty level.

Those who are victorious in all of this tank-based spookiness will earn rewards like 3-D styles for certain vehicles, seasonal decals, unique badges, and a new Tier VIII tank called the Obsidian, though earning rewards requires players to earn multiple keys and use them to decrypt reels. All told, it looks like a potentially long grind, but those who love tanks and Halloween will hopefully find some fun through it all.

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