Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis gets more quests, story, events, and level cap raise in October


It’s the final week of September, and that means Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is looking ahead to the slate of October updates that are coming for the anime MMO, including more quests, more story, more region activities, and more levels to earn. Also Halloween, but that is probably a given considering the month.

October’s content begins on the 4th with a limited-time Night Chill Battle quest that sees players trying to slay as many enemies as possible within a time limit, then October 11th adds more main story questing, several new activities for Retem exploration sectors, a new urgent quest, a level cap raise to 80 with new class skills to unlock, and some new housing features and items.

Halloween will then arrive on October 18th, bringing thematically appropriate event quests, foes, shop goodies, and a Haunted Domain limited-time urgent quest. October 18th also launches a new duel quest and a new rank to the Maqead combat sector, while October 25th adds a new 24-player limited-time quest as the final content piece of the month. It’s all summarized in the NGS Headline video awaiting below.

sources: press release, YouTube
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