Old School RuneScape opens the Scar Essence Mine, RuneScape kicks off a PvM buff event


It’s another week of Jagex game news, or at least the games that are still running, anyway: Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have some content updates to share.

We’ll start with OSRS and its latest weekly patch, which is headlined by the Scar Essence Mine, a new source of runes for players to utilize. As one might expect this isn’t a simple matter of bonking on a rock, as there’s a whole flowchart of how things are done, but those looking for this resource have this location to visit now. The rest of the patch brings a couple more Poll 80 quality-of-life updates, some bug fixes, and the option to reset game profiles for beta worlds. The mobile version of the sandbox MMORPG has also released a UI beta update for testing.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, the week’s patch features a buff-granting event focused on PvM play, with a power-up potion for players to sip, a temporary halt on death costs, activation of Tier 4 luck, and other combat-centric tweaks. The event runs from now until Sunday, October 8th. The game’s newsletter further shows off various Game Jam updates being worked on for RuneScape and heralds the arrival of the musical RuneSical to YouTube; a patch isn’t online this week owing to the previously referenced Game Jam.

sources: OSRS site (1, 2), RuneScape site
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