Old School RuneScape previews its next wave survival activity, reruns last year’s Halloween event


Old School RuneScape is once again bursting at the seams with all sorts of news and updates, from future plans to current events and even a new novel. With that in mind, let’s get to the headlines.

First, Jagex is offering a first look at the upcoming Fortis Colosseum, the third wave-based PvE minigame that’s similar to other such activities like the Fight Cave and Inferno. The Colosseum forces players to survive increasingly challenging monster fights, then choose roguelike modifiers that buff monsters, debuff themselves, or alter the Colosseum’s terrain in-between rounds. The mode ends only if players are slain or if they elect to leave the arena with their earned gold and accumulated glory that unlocks unique rewards.

In current OSRS events, the MMORPG has started its Halloween celebration, which is described by Jagex as “largely the same as last year’s well-received trick-or-treating community event.” The studio goes on to explain that this is because development of the aforementioned Colosseum, work on Leagues IV, and other matters is stretching the developers too thin to make something new for this year.

Finally there are some out-of-game updates that fans will want to note, such as a survey from Jagex that asks for players’ thoughts on how to bring back the RuneFest convention, and the first of a new three-part series of novels based on the MMORPG is now available to purchase.

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