Guild Wars 2 introduces a ‘leisurely’ version of the Mad King’s Clock Tower for Halloween


As promised, Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King is live today across Tyria, bringing new and old content ’round for the Halloween season. In fact, some of the content is a little bit of both – including a version of the Mad King’s Clock Tower for people who just cannot abide the panic-inducing normal Clock Tower jumping puzzle of doom. (Hey, we’re not judging!)

“A new variant of the long-feared Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle has appeared!” ArenaNet says. “Normally unavailable to visitors during maintenance, the Stopped Clock Tower is now open to guests looking for a more leisurely incarnation of the tower’s daunting climb. Existing achievements have been updated to reflect which version of the clock tower they can be completed in, and new achievements have been added for you to conquer each variant. […] Atop the Stopped Clock Tower is a mysterious craftsraven who will help you craft four makeshift Paper Bag Helm Skins. Be the talk of the costume party with these emotive headpieces. Keep reading below for more fang-tastic seasonal goodies.”

Players will be granted the usual invite to port back and forth between the game world and the Mad Realm, although you’ll want to check out the Wizard’s Vault too, as it’s apparently received a refresh and “has new special objectives directing you toward all sorts of Halloween activities.”

The event runs through November 7th.

Source: Press release
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