Lord of the Rings Online’s Combe forester event has been pulled for the third time


Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Standing Stone Games has pulled the Combe Forester event from Lord of the Rings Online yet again.¬†As players will know, we’ve been following its progress for the last three months, but it was held back from its August launch because of bugs – same with its September launch – and then it finally rolled out last week. We hoped that would be the end of it (and indeed, I got to try it out myself on Saturday).

But this morning, SSG announced it was disabling the event after just a few short days live: “We have temporarily disabled the Combe Forester Event while we sort through some bugs with the event. We apologize for the inconvenience, and when we have a reopening date we will let you know.”

The forums and social media had already been filling up with complaints about bugs and exploits that were apparently already afflicting the event (and that’s without even touching on the design complaints, which are a whole ‘nother story). I suspected some of the folks I watched this weekend of cheating but obviously couldn’t prove anything (and once I realized just how bad the grind was going to be, I noped out anyhow). Now, we’re back to waiting for the game to be sorted once again.

Source: Twitter
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