Lord of the Rings Online works on fixes for forester event and stat crunch fallout


There is no doubt that Standing Stone Games is scrambling this week to shore up the fallout of Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 37. With so many big changes, including a new race and stat crunch, there were bound to be failure points.

One such weak spot arose with the new forester gathering event, which was scheduled to go live tomorrow but is now being delayed into mid-September for more work.

“There is an issue where the event can get out of synch at the moment. When this happens it is prematurely entering the cooldown state and driving the event to fail. We are working on the fix and will set the event back to on when we have ironed out the issues,” the studio said.

SSG also is striving to correct some naughty variables that arose with the across-the-board stat crunch, as monsters ended up becoming too tough while player healing was unintentionally nerfed into the ground. A hotfix for Update 37 issues is expected to arrive next week.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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