New World previews Season 3’s planned changes, which include the end of the expertise system

And there was much rejoicing

Not quite the same stuff, but it is a different day.

Big changes are coming to New World when Season 3 rolls around, and you know that’s the case because previews of that content are out. So it seems only fitting that creative director Dave Verfaillie would have lead seasons designer Patrick Smedley and senior product manager Drew Higbee join him for a very special video talking about exactly those changes, covering not only what will be changing but also why such sweeping changes are arriving in the third season.

For example, one of the first elements under discussion is Umbral Shards and how they could be stressful to spend, because a given piece of gear might be currently helpful but not a long-term piece for your playstyle. Having gear just drop at higher level removes that tension and also removes a secondary progression system like what Expertise had become. Check out the whole video just below for a more in-depth examination of the changes and what they mean for the future of the game.

Source: YouTube
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