Diablo Immortal’s Hallow’s Wake event brings cosmetics and costumes from now until November 2


There’s plenty of monsters to slay and blood to bathe in when playing Diablo Immortal, but starting this week, those who are playing the OARPG can really get into the Halloween spirit – or get into it even more – with the start of the Hallow’s Wake event.

As we reported on previously, the Hallow’s Wake event will task players with slaughtering various enemies or clearing haunted rifts to collect a hallowed stone currency, then trading in that currency for thematically appropriate goodies like legendary chests and items, a Frightening Rod cosmetic, materials, a fist bump emote, and costume chests that contain one of three costumes that transform player characters into creatures.

The Hallow’s Wake event is on right now and will run until Thursday, November 2nd.

source: Twitter
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