Chronicles of Elyria update shows off new art assets, progresses Searing Plague world event

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Soulbound Studios is getting crafty in the latest update for its in-development MMO Chronicles of Elyria, as it displays some of the newly created models for the crafting stations that players will be using to create valuable items within the game. Also on display are some new models for medieval-inspired instruments that would-be bards will presumably be able to use to serenade their audiences.

The post also updates players on the progress of the game’s first-ever interactive world event, called the Searing Plague. The event details the history of the eponymous Searing Plague, a foul pestilence that began 600 years ago and which lingers to this day, wreaking havoc upon the lands and its people. It’s up to players to decide how the events of Searing Plague unfold, shaping the world of Chronicles of Elyria in the process. To participate, check out the event page on the game’s official site.

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I backed this game at the $75 level for some reason, however I just can’t find a single crap to give about it. I’ll probably donate my account to a friend at some point.

Dug From The Earth

Id be all OVER this game if it didnt intentionally try to waste my time so much.

Toy Clown

That’s a creative spin on crowdfunding, or whatever they’re calling it these days.