Lord of the Rings Online announces ‘legendary’ progression server

It's Lord of the Rings. There's your elevator pitch.

With all of the expansions and zones added to Lord of the Rings Online over the last 11 years, it’s hard to remember a time when the MMO entire consisted only of a pocket of the world in Eriador. Now you’ll have the chance to refresh your memory with the new Legendary Worlds coming to the MMO some time this fall.

This is basically a brand-new progression server type for subscribers (lifetime or monthly) that will start players at the beginning and initially limit them to the core game (Shadows of Angmar) and its content. Every four months after that, Standing Stone Games will unlock more zones and features for the server’s community to experience together.

It should be noted that this isn’t a vanilla or classic server, as modern classes and races will be allowed and the game client will be the same as the one players use today. Also, the studio assures players elsewhere that the regular MMO will go on: “We have no intention of adjusting our frequent, regular, and active development of the non-Legendary game worlds, and have plans for them well into the future.”

Source: LOTRO. Thanks GumpsGang!
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