Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) is now working as a telecommuting Robo-British

All according to keikaku or something

Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British, also known as the man behind Shroud of the Avatar and the Ultima franchise, has been upgraded to Robo-British. Or that’s how he works, anyhow; while Portalarium is still based in Austin, Texas, Garriott himself lives in New York City and thus telecommutes to the office via his robot Beam. A new article on Lifehacker has him mentioning specifically that he stays present through the workday in his robot body, meaning that he can converse and interact with Shroud of the Avatar developers at the office even as he’s all the way in New York.

Garriott talks a great deal about his personal workflow and setup, highlighting the way that he maintains a consistent workflow across both states and remains a presence in the office even when he’s not there. The robot allows him to even be present when he’s on the road via his iPhone, which means that he’s present even when he’s not present at his home office. Check out the whole article if you’d like to learn more about how work looks now for Garriott’s robotic telecommuting.

Source: Lifehacker
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