Sandbox MMO Boundless’ latest update adds new building mats and mailboxes ahead of Lovestruck event


Boundless is such an underrated MMO that it didn’t even win an underrated award last year after launching in September – how’s that for a bummer? But it’s actually a sprawling interplanetary survival-crafting MMO with gobs of exploration and city-building. This week, the game’s expanded even further, with some bug fixes, quality-of-life upgrades, new building materials, and even mailboxes.

“This release also includes another new Item to be placed in your Beacon, the Letter Box. This handy device allows Citizens to leave each other Private Messages, much as you would your Friends or Guild Team in Boundless. Say you’re exploring a World, come across an amazing Build and just have to congratulate the architect – just drop a Message into their Letter Box and they’ll get it next time they’re online. This should have some useful implications for Traders too, allowing more nuanced negotiation and sales to be conducted within the Messaging System, making the most of its asynchronous capabilities.”

There’s a Lovestruck Valentine’s Day event beginning next week too. We dipped back into the game this past Wednesday – give it a watch!


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JP Andrews

As Weilan said, it’s a game about nothing, and as such it has nothing to recommend it.

In essence it’s a more complicated, and dare I say it, uglier, version of Minecraft. I wanted to like it, I really did, but almost everything about it was unpleasant.

Kickstarter Donor

I’ve been following the game’s development since its early days, when it was named Oort Online, yet I still have to try it. I’ll need to fix that at some point.


Oh I heard of Oort Online years ago, just not Boundless. I guess I missed when the name changed happened.

I don’t know that I’d try it right now, the initial reviews were all good, but the recent ones are all saying the same kind of stuff that isn’t that great including that almost nobody plays it now and they barely ever run into other people.

One major thing that bugs me is something this person wrote here:

“There is only one real way to generate coin and that’s via Footfall. Footfall is from people passing through your property you own. Those who started the game early were allowed to create huge portal layouts under the guise that it would help all new people to the game. This ill-thought decision basically led to a large majority of Footfall generated going in to a limited amount of persons hands. Those people are then able to control the markets and what things are bought and sold at because they own the majority of the currency in the game.

It’s no different that that modern real world where a select few control the markets and value of labor/products/etc.”

For $40 I don’t think I’m willing to take the chance. I don’t even think I’d do so at a half off sale. Considering all the stuff mentioned in the latest negative reviews, I’d only be willing to spend $10.

Maybe if they put up some kind of free trial that I could run for a while to see if I liked it, but then again I still wouldn’t buy it for $40 if the population was as low as people are saying it is now. Of course a free trial would bump that population up probably.


Looks like a Minecraft sandbox MMO. And sandbox games being games about nothing, I’m not surprised it’s underrated. Actually it fits it fine for a game where you have nothing to do.

Kinda like Age of Wushu and it being sandbox. Such great potential for a fun MMO wasted on a game about nothing.


Great game that deserves way more players than what it has.