Shroud of the Avatar puts R64 on the test server and takes over publishing worldwide


Shroud of the Avatar has put out 324 newsletters. I don’t know why that strikes me so much, but it does. In this edition of the sandbox MMORPG’s newsletter, we get word of the latest release to hit the game’s test server and some word about worldwide publishing duties that have been slowly returning to Portalarium’s stewardship.

An early version of Release 64 (duh) is on the game’s QA server and ready for public testing. This update packs in player dungeon encounters, a universal trade channel which will absolutely be used for trade and nothing else, some new items, and the return of the death bunny itself, Arch Lapin. This release is expected to fully arrive to the live game this very week on Thursday, March 28th.

If you’re an international SOTA player, then you’ll also want to be aware that Portalarium has once more taken over publishing and support duties for every territory the game is live in. If you play the game by way of Black Sun, you can now enjoy direct support from Portalarium itself.

The newsletter also goes over a variety of recurring Darkstarr items and other tidbits that will likely be of interest to SOTA fans, so be sure to browse the newsletter at your leisure.


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Players were given no notice of this change, aside from a forum post from Starr Long that began with “Effective immediately…”

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Vagabond Sam

“Takes over worldwide publishing”


“Loses interest from publishing partners”

Lot of wasted effort in those, particularly for ‘Russian regions’ which had people opting back into NA using VPNs to avoid Blacksun


Atos have been doing a lot of not pre-announced streams too. Many have been very fun to watch, including the one he went with some pvpers for a pvp event and got killed a “few” times