New World continues to show off in-game vistas


It’s kind of like seeing someone’s vacation photo slideshow, except without the soul-crushing boredom! New World has continued to kick out a steady stream of animated location shots from across the world of Aeternum for potential fans to feast their eyes upon.

First off is a place called Shattered Mountain, which is about as snuggly as that locale sounds:

There’s also a peek at one of apparently many deserted locations that are dotted across the map.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though: Here’s a sunny beachside scene. Bossa nova music optional.

Finally, there’s this somewhat gloomy but also cricket-loaded Outpost location:

The devs also posted a blurb about New World’s different weapon types along with some concept art of swords, which are described as excellent for taking on multiple enemies at melee range due to their wide slashing arc.

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