Population Zero takes you on a wildlife safari in its latest dev blog


It stands to reason that if you are willingly entering a survival sandbox, then you are going to be interacting with the wildlife almost constantly. After all, they are good sources of meat, materials, and bragging rights, and they probably resent you for your mere presence.

Before you risk virtual life and limb in these animal encounters, the sci-fi sandbox MMO Population Zero would like to introduce you to the wildlife at a safe distance. In a new blog post, the team goes over some of the creatures that you will encounter earlier in the game, such as the adorable Yutts, armored Merids, and toxic Kso.

“From the very beginning of your journey, you might encounter dangerous bloodthirsty monsters, stone giants and small creatures that can be both friendly allies and extremely hostile aggressors if you rub them the wrong way,” the team said.

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