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MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: The Everyone Saw That Coming award

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards as we present the Everyone Saw That Coming award. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series, named in...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: Most Inadvisable MMO Name

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards as we present our award for Most Inadvisable MMO Name. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series, named...

Steam silently removes Population Zero from its store but keeps the soundtrack up for purchase

If the pile of user reviews warning players off and our own reporting weren't enough to let you know that Population Zero is officially...
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Betawatch: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis plans a global beta for May

For ages, Phantasy Star Online 2 was in the province of games that simply didn't exist on these shores, but now last year those...
Zero, zero, zero, Ted Danson.

Population Zero has apparently sunsetted, is now just plain zero

Population Zero appears to have fulfilled its destiny and now has zero population. Reports are coming in from both press and players on Steam that...
Mr. Anderson, welcome back.

Betawatch: Crucible keeps working on the Heart of the Hive

Ah, Crucible, you entered our lives so quickly and then exited equally quickly... but only back to beta. You might think this is unnecessary...

Whatever happened to Population Zero?

A month ago, we checked in on Population Zero, a survival MMORPG that hit early access back in May. It was a rocky launch,...
Blessed not be.

Betawatch: Bless Unleashed plans for a PC beta test

Darn it! I said ages ago that I would be much more interested in Bless Unleashed if it were releasing on platforms I actually...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 285: Exit En Masse

Justin and Bree discuss En Masse's closure, Amazon's Lost Ark, LOTRO, WoW Classic, Wurm Online, Population Zero, and Torchlight III, with adventures in SWTOR, WoW, SWG Legends, and The Sims, plus reader mail on MMO customer service and MMO talent trees.

Population Zero’s playerbase dwindles into single-digit territory as the devs confirm ‘light’ content for August

It would appear that the fortunes for early access survival MMO Population Zero are not improving whatsoever. In fact, the game's population as of...

Enter to win a Population Zero Steam key from Enplex and MassivelyOP

Make no mistake, Population Zero isn't giving up: Last week, the early access Steam MMO pushed out another update in the wake of its...

Population Zero’s latest early access update rebalances perks and tackles performance

Population Zero made big moves this week to rescue itself from the doldrums of a weak Steam launch thanks to a large content update...

Betawatch: Crowfall’s alpha is actually kind of a beta but also mostly an alpha

Apparently, Crowfall's current test state is "technically" a beta. Technically. As the person who maintains this list, splitting hairs like this technically annoys me....
Make them fight.

Vague Patch Notes: MOBAs, battle royales, and shallow genre pools in the online gaming space

This past week, Nintendo announced Pokemon Unite, and then I had to go to see a doctor because I rolled my eyes so far...

Population Zero writes about the errors made during the game’s early access launch

At this point, it's no secret that Enplex Games' multiplayer survival sandbox Population Zero had a rough start. The title stumbled out of the...
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Population Zero adds armor repair kits, lowers building restrictions, and shares an open dev roadmap

While player count problems still persist for the multiplayer survival sandbox Population Zero, the developers at Enplex Games are full steam ahead with the...

Betawatch: Magic Legends gears up for summer testing

There's something in the air that makes it feel as if Magic: Legends is getting ready for its first public testing phase. I don't know...

Population Zero adds the option to play with friends as the survival sandbox’s player count dwindles

Do you have friends that you want to play Population Zero with? Then you're probably in rare company, but more on that later. With...
Zero, zero, zero, Ted Danson.

Population Zero’s patch today makes your sprained ankles much less annoying

We're going to take a bold stance here on Massively Overpowered and say that sprained ankles are not fun. They're not fun in Population Zero, either,...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 271: Population Zero plus three

Justin, Bree, and Sam discuss Population Zero, Blizzard's Q1 2020 report, Trove Delves, ESO's Greymoor prologue, and Guild Wars 2's rollback, with adventures in Fallout 76, Starborne, LOTRO, and SWG Legends, and mailbag topics on MMO reward hoarding and whether SSG's business model is predatory.