Population Zero’s latest early access update rebalances perks and tackles performance


Population Zero made big moves this week to rescue itself from the doldrums of a weak Steam launch thanks to a large content update yesterday that promises visual and technical upgrades as well as bug-squishing and performance tweaks.

“Perk system has undergone a significant overhaul. We have rebalanced the existing pool of perks. Some old perks have given way to new ones. We are excited to bring new unique perks that will seriously improve your chances of survival. Aggressive NPCs are back! They are now called Outcasts. They dwell in various parts of the global map in camps. Each camp has a secret stash with valuable contents. Crush exiles to get their resources and gear! The global map has received several visual upgrades. We have added lots of new assets, for instance, it will be much easier to get around Hub and find necessary workstations.”

The patch notes also include mention of a rework for the temperature and thirst systems, new terrain maps and assets, and UI adjustments. Here’s hoping the population does indeed bounce back from almost zero because the game is only getting prettier.

Source: Steam
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