Elite: Dangerous touches on player feedback from its latest patch, promises more Odyssey news soon

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The players of Elite: Dangerous have some thoughts on the most recent Fleet Carriers patch, so the folks at Frontier Developments have offered up some responses to some of the most common feedback points.

First off, a change that was meant to bring down the effects of multiple overlapping hotspots, especially on rarer commodities like Low Temperature Diamonds, is being scrutinized by the devs; should the data collected not meet expectations, changes will be made. The post also explains that Tritium was not intended to be so hard to find, points out a missing patch note that explains how Fleet Carrier purchase orders are now limited to a maximum order of 2 billion credits, and announces a small update to console versions that will simply lay the groundwork for future bug fixes.

In other Elite news, the devs have done the announcement of an announcement thing in a separate forum post, promising that there will be some “really exciting news and content to share” soon, starting with a behind-the-scenes developer diary in August as well as additional details over the coming months.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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