Population Zero’s playerbase dwindles into single-digit territory as the devs confirm ‘light’ content for August


It would appear that the fortunes for early access survival MMO Population Zero are not improving whatsoever. In fact, the game’s population as of a current check of Steam Charts sees a single person playing right now, with a 24-hour peak of only two people. Worse yet, the game’s Steam page and official site have not posted any new updates or details since July, when the game made a balancing and performance pass and opened up some Twitch Drops.

So just what is happening with the game right now? A quick peek inside of the game’s official Discord saw a lot of confusion and concern over developer Enplex Games’ lack of public-facing posts, with many speculating that the studio went bankrupt. One response from the devs in early August stated that an alternate mode that adds more time in-between wipes is in the works:

While another response confirms that the month of August in general will be “very light” in terms of content:

Readers will also recall that one of the devs wrote up an early access launch post-mortem, admitting to a number of errors made by the team in the run-up to Population Zero’s Steam Early Access launch. So it’s not quite curtain call for this one just yet, but players may also not be expecting a lot of new updates this month.

sources: Steam Charts and Discord via MMO Fallout
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