Black Desert’s big banwave this week apparently had more than a few false positives


Earlier this week, we covered Kakao’s move to crack down on cheating in Black Desert, specifically in Shadow Arena, which has reportedly been plagued by hackers since its rollout earlier this winter. Unfortunately, it looks like the banwave caught up some innocents in its wide net.

“After the banwave was implemented, we found that some players have been wrongfully banned,” Kakao told forumgoers this morning. “The bans on the affected accounts have now been overturned. We would like to offer our deepest apologies for making a critical mistake on our part. We are taking this issue very seriously and are committed to taking measures to prevent such a mistake in the future. We will also reassess our ban process and procedures to ensure it will not happen again. We are truly sorry that this occurred and would like to offer a sincere token of apology by compensating those who were wrongly affected by the banwave. The compensation will be sent out individually and we hope that your trust can be regained in due time. We ask for your patience as distributing the compensation may take a little bit more time.”

Worth noting is that some players claim they were falsely banned and have yet to be unbanned, so it’s definitely not over yet. Oh, and the worst part is that Redditors are still reporting hackers in Shadow Arena.

Source: Official site. Cheers, dd!
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