Turbine founder Johnny Monsarrat reminisces about the early days of MMO development


It’s good now and again to take a look back at how things used to be to really appreciate where we are now, and nowhere is that more true than in the journey of video game and MMO development. A bit of that context is provided in an interview that YouTUber Andang had with Turbine founder Johnny Monsarrat.

Monsarrat provided a candid look back at the lifespan of the company, from its humble life as 12 guys in his mom’s house to a full-blown development studio. It covers nearly the entire gamut of the company’s experience, from its first panicked tech demo to its big financial break with Microsoft. Monsarrat also talks at length about his new company and its Pokemon GO-like augmented reality mobile title.

The video itself is a meaty hour’s worth of interview, but if you’d like a bit more context on just how MMORPGs first came to be, it’s certainly worth the time.

source: YouTube, with thanks to Andang for the link to his video!
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