Last Oasis explains the importance and the danger of the game’s sun


Most of the time we consider the sun to be a beneficial thing, and by and large that is the case. The upcoming post-apoc survival MMO Last Oasis, however, has different ideas on the sun, making it a source of both necessity and danger for the players and inhabitants of its world.

A lore-loaded Steam post goes in to some detail on just what the sun’s movement means in the world and implies its effect in-game. In Last Oasis, the Earth has stopped rotating though it still orbits the sun. This means that the habitable zone on the planet is slowly moving, forcing everyone else to come along with it. Players take up the roles of Nomads — those who wander the wilds searching for titular oases — who have to keep this celestial movement in mind when finding resources for survival or foes to take down. The danger of staying in one place isn’t expressly stated, but there is mention of lands turning frigid out of the sun, so it’s probably in everyone’s best interest to not get too cozy in one spot. There is only one safe zone; the Flotilla, a massive walking city that continually moves with the sun to keep things nice and comfortable.

Following the track of the sun is just one thing that potential players of Lost Oasis will have to consider. According to its initial announcement earlier this year, players will have to focus on survival and maintenance of giant wood-and-sail Walker vehicles, which are the focal point of every activity possible in the sandbox, including, apparently, keeping pace with the sun’s new movement. Lost Oasis is eyeballing early access this spring.

source: Steam
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