Cheaters who were banned from a $30M Fortnite tournament win their way back in


How does one who was banned for cheating in a Fortnite esports event make their way back into that same tournament? By having a punishment that was far shorter than the length of that same event, apparently. Competitors XXiF and Ronaldo, who were accused of colluding with players to throw matches and earn top marks in the run-up to a $30M Fortnite World Cup event, have managed to earn their way back in.

The issue is with the length of the ban that was handed down by Epic Games. Both players were slapped with two weeks in the sin bin for their exploits, which ultimately only amounted to missing one solo and one duo qualification event. After the restriction lifted, both players continued to play in qualification events and even won the top qualification spot in Week 8, guaranteeing their place in the World Cup and a minimum of $50,000 in prize money.

And friends, the smug is real. XXiF sent a taunting tweet to tell players that they’ll see him in NYC, while Ronaldo claimed that the two got in fair and square despite the fact that their first ban was unwarranted. “Everyone still wants to see us fall which is fine because in NYC we’re going to win the final event,” Ronaldo is quoted as saying. “Haters gonna hate.”

As of this writing, there has been no statement from Epic Games beyond a blanket congratulations to everyone who made it to the World Cup.

source: Polygon
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