Dauntless answers some in-house questions about its combat, monster design, and development


So there’s a new interview piece out there for Dauntless and it’s written and published by the Unreal Engine website. As one would expect, a lot of it reads a bit like this:

“Goodness, how smart are you?”
“So smart.”
“We should totally make out. You wanna make out?”

Cut through that, however, and there are at least a few insights to be found here, particularly in regards to how the team at Phoenix Labs approaches monster design and art style. In terms of Behemoth design, several considerations are made regarding how combat feels and then a design concept like hit-and-run tactics, portals, or even bullet hell shooters are applied to a monster encounter. The art style, meanwhile, tries to exude a sense of adventure and fun according to the game’s art director. If you can ignore the clapping sound of self-applied pats on the back, be sure to give the piece a look.

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I downloaded it and played for a bit after watching MOP play it on Twitch. I think it was you Chris.

I really enjoyed it. The combat was great and it was simple to jump in and get going.

I don’t care if it is an Epic exclusive. I go where the fun is… generally.

Jeremy Barnes

shame it’s epic exclusive

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Twitch Prime is giving away some freebies for Dauntless. The Desparado bundle:

“Unlock a piece of the Desperado armor set, plus a purple dye, the “Desperado” title, and a helpful supply pack with 7-day patrol boost.”

As I don’t play it nor do I see myself playing here you go first come first serve:


According to the instructions you have to log into your account on the dauntless website and you can you redeem the code on your My account page. I have just copy pasta the code that twitch gave me and offer no guarantee that it will work but best of luck in any case.

Aiun Tanks

Thanks for the tip! I don’t keep up with my prime account, so your comment prompted me to go find my own code and add it. :)