Ubisoft cracks down on chat griefers with Rainbow Six banwave


File this one under are you even kidding me right now: A whole bunch of griefers just got banned from Rainbow Six Siege for abusing chat, although it’s not the kind of chat you’re probably thinking of.

Apparently, it was possible to lag other players by essentially spamming the crap out of their chat window with gazillions of symbols like ampersands and dollar signs. The result was the sometimes players could be lagged at exactly the wrong time or even be disconnected by the game altogether. Ubisoft’s fixed it, though, and banned the perpetrators.

“Beginning tomorrow, we will initiate a ban wave in accordance with the following section from the Code of Conduct,” the studio wrote on Reddit, referring to the section that describes interruptions of the general flow of gameplay in the client and elsewhere. “These bans are targeting players that abused the chat symbol exploit to crash matches. They will have varying lengths, depending on the frequency and severity of the exploit’s usage. This is our next step towards sanctioning players that knowingly and deliberately take advantage of exploits to the detriment of the overall match.”

Yes, that means some of the bans are just temporary. Of course, players are grumpy it took a few weeks to actually fix the problem, and if you lost rank over being griefed this way, you’re still outta luck. And given how often RB6 is in the news for its community’s toxicity and Ubisoft’s efforts to thwart it, well, we expect this won’t be the last time for a post like this.

Source: Reddit via Kotaku

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I gotta feeling that’s what the morning White House meetings look like these days. >.<


I give Ubi credit for trying at least. I know other publishers who would try and hide this under the rug.



Robert Mann

Just in case anyone was still alive who might waiting on news that people were decent, in general, in a PvP game with minimal rules…

Sorry, I presume I have offended some dead people. That and a few people who somehow tolerate the conditions in such games while being decent. You just are so outnumbered that it’s like asking people who smoke how many of them have never owned a lighter… you awesome rare treasures you!

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Jack Pipsam

Rainbow Six: Siege is a never-ending shitshow and I love every second of it.

Sasha Alex

So that’s why i saw a lot of bans about chat toxicity today.