Domain and settlement claiming for Chronicles of Elyria begins on August 30


The time is near for eager Chronicles of Elyria fans who bought in to the MMO’s promise hard enough to be granted land ownership in the game. Actually, that time is very near. It’s tomorrow; claiming of domains and settlements begins Friday, August 30th. Holy crap.

Here’s how it’s going down: Claiming begins at 6 a.m. in the time zone for the game’s four servers (NA West, NA East, EU, and Oceanic). Kings and queens will get first crack on August 30th, picking their duchies, counties, and settlements inside of the kingdoms that have already been selected. Dukes and duchesses will be allowed in on September 2nd in order of influence to stake their claims, with counts and countesses being let in on September 9th and Mayors getting to pick their cities on September 16th.

Anyone who can’t make it at the appointed time will get to claim their appropriate properties during the Dutch Property Auction happening after settlement claiming, which will get its date in a later announcement. A proxy system is also being offered to name another person as a representative for an in-game landowner for anyone who is unable to be present at the appointed hour. That can be done via the Holdings section of the account page.

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