Dofus celebrates 15 years of operation with a meta event and plans to launch a retro server


One of my favorite things about this genre is how the “lesser-loved” titles can keep on truckin’ thanks to an established and engaged playerbase and a dev team that doesn’t feel a compulsion to measure another game’s mutant player numbers as the only metric of success. So it goes with Dofus, the turn-based MMO, which is marking 15 years of operation with a unique in-game event and the opening of a “retro” server.

The event will let Dofus players effectively walk through the fourth wall with an in-game re-creation of the Ankama offices that promises “a brand new setting full of wacky Ankamians.” The event will offer wholly unique rewards that are linked to your character for life and cannot be found in the shop, like a new ceremonial shield, two emotes, three different titles, and an ornament among other goodies.

Dofus’ look back will also extend to the launch of a classic “retro” server that will let players experience an improved version of 1.29. The initial announcement explains that there will only be one classic server, noting that it’s impossible to merge retro servers or transfer characters. “If we open too many servers at first, and then enthusiasm wanes and they have fewer players, we won’t be able to merge them or move players to restore balance: empty servers will remain empty. And the players on those servers will be condemned to boredom,” reads the post. “A good gaming experience over the long term is more important than current hype.”

In addition, there will be no pre-registration for Dofus Retro, with population control once more on the mind of Ankama. “Unfortunately, our options are so limited that between “waiting lines” right away and “empty servers” later, we’ve chosen the waiting lines,” reasons the post.

That said, the Retro server will be offering players a free gift of a Gobtubby and its Hippi-Ho, as well as 10 packs consisting of a pet and its Happi-Ho which can be purchased using ogrines on the server’s first day.

The 15th anniversary of Dofus will arrive with the game’s next update, while Dofus Retro is set to launch on Tuesday, September 24th.

source: official site (1, 2), cheers Panagiotis
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