Blizzard’s Pat Nagle on the first quests he designed for World of Warcraft


The fjord pining that is WoW Classic certainly drums up lots of nostalgia for folks, whether they’re players of the game itself or developers who worked on the vanilla game back when it was called “retail” instead of “classic.” One such person is Pat Nagle, one of the original quest designers of World of Warcraft, who has shared some of his experiences in a video.

The video in question is admittedly mostly fluff to remind people that WoW Classic is still a thing. That said, Nagle does get to offer at least a couple of insights into what he did for the original title and how he feels about Classic. For instance, the very first quest he made was the Human starting zone quest called Kobold Camp Cleanup, one of WoW’s first “kill 10 rats” style quests that Human players would take in a journey chock-full of them. He also references the fishing trainer NPC Nat Pagle (naturally), as well as one of the first pumpkin-related quests in the game. You can get your fill of Nagle-related trivia in the embed.

source: YouTube
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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

You owe me a new snark meter. You just broke mine.

Bruno Brito

Man, after Classic, Blizzard really is cashing in on those dev insights and stuff, ain’t they?

Tuor of Gondolin

Dude, just give me your fishing pole.

Ben Willows

For some reason I was expecting the guy to be wearing something fishing related.