Camelot Unchained’s weekly update talks textures and Minstrels


The pure support class is one that is sorely missing from the modern MMORPG, so news that Camelot Unchained is working on some musically-minded support classes is definitely going to perk up my ears. This week’s report grants followers of the game some new details and artwork on Minstrel support classes, a whole lot of texture work, and a variety of other updates.

Minstrels are reportedly close to a primetime reveal; they’re mechanically ready to go and require some internal testing. There are also two other support classes in the form of the Dark Fool and the Skald, but those are both further away from completion than the Minstrel This week’s art showcase also provided a look at some instruments like the Minstrel harpolyre, the Dark Fool bonereed pipe, and the Skald harmonic frostaxe, which just sounds metal.

Other developments from Camelot include some new code to define layouts for new textures, fixes for some texture issues, database hardware upgrades, and a number of internal bug fixes that should stop several issues like abilities randomly failing. There’s the text update here and the video update below: You know the drill by now.

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lucas daush

Is there a date for release of this game? It’s been, what, 4 yrs now?

Rolan Storm

Gogogo! :)

Triona Falconer

The Bard in DAoC was one of my top 3 classes of all games I have played. So hoping they have a similar class in Unchained!

I’m still concerned that Unchained may not be that “one game” that checks all the boxes for me like DAoC was because of its lack of PvE but I’ll be happy if it can check most of the boxes.