Chronicles of Elyria domain settlement snags cause Soulbound Studios to issue store credit


The headline event of Domain and Settlement Selection (DSS) for Chronicles of Elyria has hit a few speedbumps along the way in the form of players being unable to use their titles. As you can expect, many folks are not too thrilled by the development, or Soulbound Studios’ response in support ticket replies.

The palaver was raised by a post on the official forum which shared one such experience, claiming that the player and others like them ran into bugs, programming flaws, or outright user errors that left them unable to claim a settlement. The post also shared the response they received from Soulbound’s support team, which effectively boiled down to “You messed up, too bad”:

“You failed to follow the in game prompts then, so you completed your selection without claiming all of your properties. Unfortunately, all claims are final. This option is included as some don’t want to apply all of their titles. ​ We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The thread kicked off a number of other responses from similarly beleaguered players reporting the same issue, as well as discussion about who should bear the blame.

At the end of the thread rests an official response which claimed that the team was unable to replicate reported bugs, but is nonetheless acting on complaints with store credit as recompense, assuming you bought a specific title or upgrade:

“In no event do we want players that have made these upgrade purchases (and now have them stuck in inventory) to feel as though they’ve made a mistake supporting the studio and being a part of Chronicles of Elyria. So if you purchased either a Mayor Title or County Upgrade Promo item specifically, and for any reason have not been able to use these items during your claim process, we will provide you with full value store credit for each of these items after the conclusion of Domain & Settlement Selection.”

The devs are also asking those who have had this problem arise to continue to send in support tickets with as much pertinent information as possible to track down the cause of these bugs.


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Jorge Galiano

Hello everyone, I m Galian the guy that posted about this Soulbound Studios answer, and I would like to break a lance for the company according their last communication about the issues with the Domain and Settlement Selection. I do think that is a propper answer from a company we have trusted in. Here you have their answer telling us they will fix the issues that happened to us all.

Thanks Soulbound and thanks massively for make us sound louder.


P Jones

Just the tip of the iceberg folks. One of the most unorganized and ineffective developers I have ever seen. Just wait until people get in game.

Daniel Miller

Keep in mind some of these land plots were 500 to 10k. Big spenders in 2013. It is just a lesson like star citizain, don’t back a game with big cash.


I just claimed my settlements and yes you have to pay attention. I had no bugs during the very short process. If I had rushed through it, I would/could have messed it up too. I’m inclined to think that there is no bug. People just aren’t paying attention. It even tells you that this one time of claiming is the only chance you have to use all your titles or land claims. I agree with the statement they put out unless that bug is replicable.


“You failed to follow the in game prompts then, so you completed your selection without claiming all of your properties. Unfortunately, all claims are final. This option is included as some don’t want to apply all of their titles. ​ We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Even if it was their fault and they messed up like the studio claimed (which it turns out, it really isn’t) – that isn’t how you do customer service to your valued paying customers who made these big purchases! You help them fix the issue, even if it ultimately was their fault and they made a mistake.

Sure, it turns out that it was game bugs and issues that happened to prevent them from making claims – but even if the players made a mistake, the studio should help them rectify it, not say “That’s too bad you’re out of luck on that huge purchase you made because you messed up during the prompts.”

That’s not how you treat any players, much less the ones that made large title claim purchases. Not only that but everybody who reads that and isn’t a player or supporter is thinking “I sure am glad I didn’t support these guys.”

Chronicles of Elyria: “Well, we obviously didn’t think people would post their private CS responses for the world to see. How rude! I guess we actually have to handle it like we should have from the start now though rather than telling them off if we want to continue to get any monetary business. So annoying.”

Robert Mann

Yeah, their CS leaves a lot to be desired so far as I have seen. I happened to join in a few of the events to see what was going on over the last year. Reports of any error have been met with initial “We already fixed this” or “What did you do wrong” type of responses.

They backtrack on it once they think about it, so I think maybe some of the people at the top are of the right mindset with this, but it is 100% a problem they need to address if they expect to succeed at all, and the sooner done the better.