The Repopulation’s latest update is all about database improvements and server merges (in a good way)

Well, good by the standards of this title.

It can be really hard to swallow the idea that you can discuss server merges in any MMO in a good way. Sure, it means that a given server will have better population, but it’s also a nearly universal shorthand for population issues in the game overall. But in The Repopulation’s case, the merge in question is just bringing the game’s live (alpha) servers onto the same cluster as the various testing servers, thus keeping everything located on contiguous physical hardware.

This sets the tone for the overall set of updates, which include database cleanups reducing bloat and removing unnecessary entries, reduction in file size by more than 60%, and a greatly improved workflow. It’s all far more focused on the inner workings of the game behind the scenes rather than content or gameplay systems, but a more efficient title is one easier to update and maintain, so it all balances out as a net positive.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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