Dofus Retro revives a classic version of the Ankama MMORPG for its 15th birthday


The 15th anniversary celebration lined up for MMORPG Dofus has begun with Dofus Retro, the game’s own classic server for those who want to relive the old days of this turn-based stalwart.

Dofus Retro is pretty much what it sounds like on its face, with a fully playable first version of the MMORPG now online for players to check out. A news post announcing the game launch asks players to be patient and simply wait in queues, though since then the game’s added new servers and is pushing folks to them. For those moved by this retro look to spend money, there’s a Dofus Retro subscription pack that can net fans a three-month subscription and a pet Bilby.

Of course, an anniversary is just as much about looking ahead as it is looking back. Starting on October 1st, Dofus will continue to mark its 15 years with an event in two parts. The first involves the in-game trip to Ankama’s offices that we’ve covered before, and the second part in late October will involve a realm of dream and nightmares with the Master of Dreams quest line and further continuation of the Eliocalypse story arc.

sources: official site, press release. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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