Trials of Ascension: Exile gets bought by a player who vows to continue development


If you were worried that your dreams of playing as a spider were in danger due to the rocky foundation that Trials of Ascension: Exile stands on, then you may be glad to learn that the multiplayer ssurvival sandbox could see a new lease on life thanks to a generous and determined fan.

The community member in question goes by the name of Brandon “Parthuin” Lalonde and he heads the team at Dragonfire Entertainment, a small team of developers who promise to bring Trials of Ascension back to its MMO roots. Work has already begun in earnest, with a new, larger map that sees the game’s landmass grow from 4 square kilometers to 16 as well as an entirely new design. The rebuilding of the game also involves a new single server to let everyone play the game together, a new model for human avatars that allows for greater levels of customization and faster implementation of animations, and a revamp of character dragon models that will improve younger dragons and add older dragons.

All told, the team is looking to reintroduce features that were present in Trials of Ascension: Exile and then look forward to additional features later. Players who are interested in providing their feedback are invited to the game’s Discord or can keep an eye on its Facebook page and Twitter.

For those who are unfamiliar, Trials of Ascension: Exile has had a rough start: The game failed to reach its first Kickstarter goal back in 2013 and then reportedly mismanaged its second Kickstarter drive. The sandbox has since been in Steam Early Access.

source: press release, with thanks to Kristakiss for the tip!

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Michael Fuchs

/dry heaves

Kickstarter Donor

Massively I love you but…can we all just agree to stop covering this game? At best it’s a pipedream from people who will never be able to deliver anything remotely close to the promise, but after all the years it’s been in “development” and the constant changing of hands/staff (including some staff from the previous “developer” apparently still being involved at this new “developer”) it’s hard to view it as anything other than a scam.