Fortnite extends battle royale Season X for a week and adds a speaker-powered hammer to Save the World

We wouldn't want to assail your dignity.

Boy, that headline only makes sense in Fortnite, doesn’t it? The multiplayer shooter’s latest version update has announced another week for Season X and the Overtime Mission for battle royale, added a couple of things to Creative Mode, and brought a new mission and the aforementioned speaker hammer weapon to Save the World.

In battle royale, the Overtime Mission “Out of Time” will be available between Tuesday, October 8th, and Sunday, October 13th. Players will want to complete the mission’s objectives to get themselves some sweet end-of-season swag like XP, cosmetics, and a Season X loading screen. The update also confirms that Season X lives for another week and has consolidated several LTMs into two LTM playlists.

For Creative Mode, players can now add a bit of post-apocalypse to their designs with a Meteor Prefab and Meteor prop galleries, while Save the World is starting a Hit the Road mission for the NPC Beat Bot and adding the Surround Pound hammer weapon which deals a thudding heavy attack that issues several sonic pulses that damage and knock back enemies.


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Yeah, the musical-instrument weapons being offered by the Save The World PvE co-op version of the game are a little … quirky … but they do tie in to the current “Summer Rock Tour” storyline that’s being offered alongside the core story arc and the “Broken Time” storyline.

If a gamer can’t handle a little goofy humor in their games, then Fortnite: Save The World definitely wasn’t made for them. :-)