The Realm Online’s latest community patch adds dungeon, open-world zone, and more


Sierra Online’s original 2-D game The Realm Online has had a welcome bit of resurgence over the last couple of years, as fans sought and were granted permission to reboot the game’s Mist Walkers private server as an officially licensed server, running in parallel to the original game.

Most recently, this version of The Realm saw a new content patch dubbed Avalon Awoken, which rolled out a new open world area called Crystal Caverns, a new archaeology-themed dungeon known as The Dig, and “some much needed quality of life improvements,” plus a new prestige level, fixes for the Adventurer class, and a balancing pass on spell damage.

A post on Reddit also suggests this version of the game is getting a “mobile browser,” though it’s a year or more away still.

We interviewed the dev team back in 2018 about its plans for the game; you can check that out right here!

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Source: Official site via Reddit

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I tried playing this, but it’s too old for me. Not the graphics, the point-and-click a 2D plane was too confusing for me. If they used some isometric perspective like Diablo 1 and 2, it might’ve been more welcoming to me.

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Sigh, this was my first MMO. Maybe I’ll have a quick look…

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George Wilson III

This was also my first MMO. Wow, that was a lifetime ago.