Astellia Online’s class evolution system is now live

Oh no.

Astellia Online fans are in for a treat today as the still-got-that-new-car-smell MMORPG just pushed out its formal class evolution system with today’s early-morning update.

“The Class Evolution system […] allows level 50 players to further evolve into one of 3 specializations, extending the amount of experience a character can earn by converting it towards star ranks in their chosen evolution. Upon reaching the first star rank, a character will be granted the first of two new exclusive abilities. At third rank, the second exclusive ability will be unlocked. In between these ranks, additional growth will be seen in specific character stats dependent on the evolution chosen.”

At the fifth and top star rank, players pick up their permanent awakening for a core ability, though characters must “maintain the selected evolution and have sufficient star rank to have unlocked them.” That said, players do keep the 5-star awakened skills after swapping to new evolution paths.

Source: Official site, press release

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Justin Bania

This game intrigues me. Not because it boasts anything particularly fancy but because it doesn’t. By not having gimmicks that aren’t tried and true it offers a new world to explore without as much potential for a completely broken system.

It is just a plain MMO… but plain might be nice for a little while…