Lord of the Rings Online is adding crafting material bags to the collector’s editions of Minas Morgul


Maybe getting some cosmetics or character level boosts aren’t enticing enough to get you to drop up to $130 on a collector’s edition of Lord of the Rings Online’s Minas Morgul expansion. Well how about unique bags that will let you stuff gobs of crafting materials into them and share those ingredients across every character in your account? Because those are what’s being offered when you pick up an Ultimate Fan or Collector’s edition of the expansion.

Both of these special editions of the Minas Morgul expansion will now pack Crafting Carry-alls. These Carry-alls only take up one slot of space and let players cram thousands of different crafting materials into them. Additionally, these Carry-alls are account-bound, making sharing materials among characters a snap.

The Carry-alls come in two sizes: Small, which can carry up to 10 different materials in stacks of up to 2,000; and Large, which can carry up to 50 materials in stacks of up to 5,000. The Collector’s edition will include the Small Carry-all, while the Ultimate Fan edition packs in both the Large and the Small. Maybe now you’ll want to slap LOTRO with your wallet. Or wonder why this isn’t just a single item in the game’s store.

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