Apex Legends will open up the training grounds to let players get used to characters and weapons

Apex Legends will open up the training grounds to let players get used to characters and weapons

Seeing as how Fortnite is all slurped up into a black hole, perhaps it’s time to consider other battle royale news stories like this one from Apex Legends, which previewed a fully-opened Firing Range training area during the game’s first developer livestream.

For those who first started life in Apex Legends, the Firing Range location will be familiar to you — it’s the same venue that the opening tutorial took place on. This time, however, it will be open and available to enter at any time, with all of the game’s gear laid out for the taking, a variety of dummies with shields to shoot, and the ability to swap out from character to character to get acclimated to their special moves. Not only will this be a good place for new players to get used to characters, but according to Respawn, it can also be used as a way for veterans to get a feel for any weapon or item changes that may come with future updates.

Firing Range will arrive “soon.” You can get a look at the training mode as well as a variety of other updates from the livestream in the embed below.

source: YouTube via GamesRadar

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Long Bow

There’s a bug where in the training sometimes it won’t let you place down the care package all you gotta do is quit the game and do it all over again


Yeah, this is long overdue. This game is my favorite out of the popular BRs, but they really need to work on more modes, hopefully permanent ones, as they have an odd tendency to make things as major as Solo play a mere temporary event. I had never seen that before in any other game, lol. Maybe they don’t want to split the playerbase?


This is really good. Not being able to use certain weapons like care package exclusive weapons for practice was always a pet peeve of mine since I’m so mediocre at the game. This will give me a chance to practice shooting more in tandem with character abilities.