Runes of Magic’s next update is bringing a new zone and challenging new instance


I’m not sure where Runes of Magic got the name “Chassizz” from — presumably from a drunk guy asking for Cheez-Its — but that’s the name Runewaker’s going with for the zone that features in the game’s next update, which is being promised as the MMORPG’s largest yet.

So just what is Chassizz? An “exciting” new zone that has been taken over by the Inexorable League. The importance of this particular zone isn’t immediately clear, but players are being tasked to join with the Hand of Balance to “wrest back control of the island and topple an evil genius.” Doing so will also involve venturing into the New Pantheon instance, which is described as “a steel fortress which only the toughest and most courageous of adventurers will be able to conquer.” So, basically, it’s all high-end stuff for high-end players.

This next update for Runes of Magic is due to arrive in a few days. For now, players can check out the forum post for some pretty pictures.

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Love the alt text on the header image! :D

RoM, I have some very, very happy memories of that. Beta, and the first few years, my MMORPG trinity was EQ2-WoW-RoM. I tried going back to it a few years ago, but somehow I lost my original account deets, or there was some kind of admin snafu, and I would have had to have started over. Niep! Every now and then I do try to start over, but I just can’t face it anymore. Brilliant fun though, I did love that game.

Mush V. Peets

They’re not in maintenance mode yet? Interesting. I must be on the wrong server/region or something :P