Aion NA invites players back to Katalam with a new battleground and instances on January 29


NA players of Aion are being beckoned to Katalam with the game’s upcoming update. How do I know they’re being aimed in Katalam’s direction? Because the update is literally called Return to Katalam. So yea, Katalam, ho!

One of the party pieces for this update (and the return that the update is titled after) is the new Crimson Katalam battleground, which can house up to 2,000 for some PvP shenanigans. There’s other PvP shenanigans on tap in the form of the Underground Training Center fighting pit and the Genesis Arena which lets players create their own custom PvP matches.

The update has PvE goodies, too, such as the Benirunerk’s Estate, Minium Vault, and Qubrinerk’s Monster Cubic Lab level 80 instances, two new bosses to fight in the hard mode of Primeth’s Forge, and a new tier of Stigma and Daevanion skills.

Return to Katalam promises a variety of system changes as well, such as the ability to store Kinah in the Account Warehouse, more obtainable Cubics, and skill balances for all classes. It all arrives on January 29th, so prepare to go back to that place that keeps getting mentioned.

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One step forward and three steps back.


To many bunny hats and rabbit ears in this game for me now.