Mad World shows off its upcoming pet system


Going through the mad world of Mad World need not be done alone. In a recent developer diary, players got a first look at the grimdark MMO’s in-development pet system. Because even characters in a grimdark game deserve to have a fluffy companion.

Pets in Mad World will start off with several base personalities as a cub and can be refined through the use of pet quests and the Stable Master to focus on specific traits. For example, if you focus on combat training, your pet will have more aggressive skills, while focus on traveling will create a speedy pet. In addition, these specific training regimens will affect the pet’s appearance. Pets can also be used as mounts, opening up specific pet skills. Conversely, pets that follow you will have a set of their own skills that they have access to.

Pets don’t just walk around you blindly, however. You will have to offer them food and water, which maintains a level of loyalty. Keeping this level up will ensure that it comes when summoned, while letting it drop to zero will see the pet abandon you. You big smelly jerk.

All of this is still subject to change as the pet system develops, but you can at least get a first look at the good fluffy doggos.

This sudden wave of communication comes as part of a promise from developer Jandisoft to come out of radio silence more often after a number of delays and now a publishing agreement with Netmarble. Good on you, Jandisoft.


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This is a move in the right direction. I have always thought a lot could be done with companion mechanics SWTOR made a great system and I would like to see more of that.

I would also like to see a game that gave the player the option of playing the wolf to their friend’s hunter character or something similar. a lot of fun to be had.


This looks sooo good!