Runes of Magic opens up a Stomping Grounds PvP mode and celebrates 11 years


Runes of Magic has a couple of things to celebrate in its most recent updates. On the one hand, there’s a new PvP mode for those who are looking to stomp on some other players, while on the other hand the MMORPG is marking its 11th birthday. Kind of disparate occasions, but hey, having different things to do isn’t a bad thing.

For the PvP’ers, there’s the new Stomping Grounds mode, which pits 25-30 players above level 100 against one another in a battle to see which player or team can live the longest. Everyone starts off the match with lowered stats, but those can be increased by killing monsters, opening chests, taking out enemies, or consuming power-ups found either from monsters or purchased and equipped before the fight. Each match will also have boss monsters on the corners that can grant a powerful buff to the player that lands the killing blow, but that buff can also be stolen by others if they kill the buffed player.

All of this not-quite battle royale earns players Copper and Silver Stomping Coins which can be used to purchase items like the aforementioned power-ups, exclusive mounts, or PvP gear. And even if players die, they can still spectate the rest of the match and get 200 Copper Coins for sticking around to the end, win or lose.

Speaking of rewards, there’s plenty of goodies waiting for players during the game’s 11th anniversary, with things like an anniversary festival full of in-game events, an XP boost event, and a special event where players can run specific instances to earn Proofs of Myth that can be turned in for rewards. There are also login rewards and an anniversary raffle to take part in as well. These events run on specific dates, so players will want to check the link for all the details.

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