Skyforge will disable its unpopular battle royale mode for a full revamp


As MMO players will recall, 2018 was the year when it seemed as if every other MMORPG was adding a battle royale side-game. Skyforge’s battle royale mode was one of the better versions. But apparently, people just aren’t playing it anymore, so MY.GAMES is yanking it out for the time being.

“Unfortunately, it’s not as popular today,” MY.GAMES writes. “Seeing as users don’t seem to be interested in the current state of Battle Royale, we decided to temporarily disable the mode so we can work on improving it.”

Note the “temporarily” in there: The studio does assure players it’s not completely removing battle royale and that it will indeed be back in some format.

“At this time, we are thinking about turning it into a separate event that would add variety to the gameplay and give immortals an opportunity to earn extra rewards. It will take some time, but we’ll keep you posted on any further updates regarding the planned changes, so you’ll know when Battle Royale is back in Skyforge. Battle Royale will be temporarily disabled when the anniversary update rolls out. Players will receive rewards for the current season, and goods purchasable with Symbols of Glory will be available for a little longer. Stones of Power will be added to rewards for PvP seasons.”


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James Crow

i jumped back to see what new and all i can saw it:
they repeat the same mistake as before
its still not returning friendly (and im elder god+)
they add season pass separate than the premium pass and it cost more than the usual battlepass (and no money back for reaching max)

still great graphic and nice combat, but when the whole system is cash grab trash even the best gameplay cant save it


Expecting different results from doing the same thing is the definition of insanity.