Star Wars: Battlefront 2004 officially brings online multiplayer back after six years

Star Wars: Battlefront 2004 officially brings online multiplayer back after six years

If you’re among those who are eager for some classic multiplayer shooting action, you can maybe do no better than the original Star Wars: Battlefront from 2004, which once more allowed online multiplayer in a recent update, along with support for a variety of new languages and menu and gameplay fixes for a variety of different screen sizes.

For those who don’t remember, the original Battlefront, which launched in 2004, provided large-scale online battles with up to 64 players in a single match. The online multiplayer portion of the game was shut down in 2014, however, as the service provider Gamespy closed up shop.

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting long in the tooth — it is a 16-year-old game, after all — but players appear to be leaping into the classic online shooter with gusto as Steam Charts shows a 73% uptick in player concurrency in the last 30 days, hitting a 24-hour peak of 462 players, which is very near its all-time peak of 509 players. Considering that the game is also on sale on both Steam and GOG for a fiver, it looks like it’s a good time for some classic multiplayer.

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Jack Pipsam

I instantly bought this as soon as I found out yesterday , I adored this game online when I was a kid (Star Wars 5 game PC pack!) and lamented its loss (along with so many others) due to the GameSpy disastrous shutdowns.
I’m really glad this can be played online again, of course you could always work around it with using LAN to play online, but this way just makes life so much easier.

Now… now what’s left is to bring STAR WARS: Galactic Battlegrounds back online, that would be the dream scenario! Although in that case I’m honestly surprised they never did a HD edition ala Age of Empires 2 did on Steam, it’s the same engine and everything.


Also happy to see this and my thoughts also jumped immediately to Glactic Battlegrouds. Single player just isn’t the same for that.


Battlegrounds HD remake would be wonderful