EverQuest runs into some fresh server problems overnight, EverQuest II releases new podcast

Yeah but WHY though

The server-related headaches for EverQuest just keep coming. Hot off of the heels of last week’s extended maintenance, the classic MMORPG’s servers found new ways to lose their little digital minds.

Yesterday, the game began experiencing issues with logins, servers, and the forums. After some time, the servers were reopened and the devs assumed that login problems would clear themselves up, but the problems continued to persist. Finally, it was discovered that a database service failure was kicking off a cascade of problems.

As of this writing, it would seem that the servers have recovered.

If you’re an EverQuest II fan instead, then there’s a new episode of Kander’s Candor which takes another round of player questions regarding Mage mythical weapon replicas, Heroic Opportunities, and recipe and book drop rates. You can listen to the whole thing below.

sources: Twitter, Anchor.fm


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That’s what happens when too many people try to create and log in their 72-man box/bot armies at once.


Whats ironic is the server that was created for the 72-man bot army (Rizlona) didnt have the problem. The true-box server (Aradune) did.